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After Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Akhter tweeted about Kashmir but after backlash deleted the tweet only to make a new tweet on Kashmir.


The controversy that was erupted after the tweet of former Pakistani Cricket Team Captain, Shahid Afridi took a new turn when former Pakistani pacer notoriously known as “Rawalpindi Express”, Shoaib Akhtar also tweeted about the freedom of Kashmir.

Shoaib Akhtar tweeted and said,

“Finally Salman gets a relief from honourable court I wish 1 day in my life time i get a news of Kashmir Palestine Yemen Afghanistan & all the troubled area of the world are free bcoz my heart bleeds for humanity & loss of innocent life ..”

After this tweet faced severe backlash, Shoaib Akhtar deleted this tweet only to post a new one. In his new tweet he urged the Youth of both nations to find a solution.

“Both side of youth need to stand up for India and Pakistan relationship and ask authorities right and difficult questions that why we haven’t even [been] able to sort out our pending issues for last 70 years. I ask you are you ready to live another 70 years of your lives with this hatred,”

Later, Shoaib in an interview to Asian News International said,

On Kashmir, Shoaib Akhtar made an another tweet and said,

In his interview to ANI, Shoaib said, “Whatever Shahid Afridi has said is his point of view. My point of view is to talk about unresolved issues. Why the youth of the both countries do not understand how important it is to talk about the unresolved issues and try to move forward,”.

“The problem is that the youth of India and Pakistan, besides hating each other, they are not talking about resolving the issues. Who is going to talk about unresolved issues those have been pending from last 70 years,” he said.

“How long we will live in bloodshed? Do we want our children to live in such a situation? It has been 70 years; lives are being lost on both sides.”

“The only thing is that till one will not talk about unresolved issues, the situation will never calm down. We will keep on bashing and hating each other. I am sick of it. Why Pakistan and India are not talking about unresolved issues. This kind of hatred I have never seen in anywhere in part of the world. The amount of hatred we have is too much,” he added.’

Meanwhile this is how Indians responded to this whole controversy,

What’s your take on this whole issue? Do you think that Pakistani Army is behind this tweet War?






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