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Kashmiri Hindu “Suresh Raina” broke his Silence on Shahid Afridi’s tweet on Kashmir


Shahid Afridi whose ancestors from FATA carried out the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs in Kashmir during 1947 has suddenly felt the pain of Kashmiris. In his tweet, he mentioned the killings of Kashmiris and seek the intervention of U.N.

His tweet generated the response from Gautam Gambhir, you can follow the story by clicking here

Since yesterday, TRP hungry Media of India are showing their fake concern for the nation by demanding Bollywood and Cricket stars to speak up. The same Media who glorifies these stars every now and then and supports “Aman ki Aasha” are shouting from the top of their lungs.

The first Kashmiri Pandit to join the “Indian Cricket Team”, “Suresh Raina”, broke his silence today and tweeted

Suresh Raina’s family hails from Rainawari Srinagar. Soon after this tweet, his followers too joined him and mocked Pakistan and Shahid Afridi

It is also pertinent to mention that the Cousin of “Shahid Afridi” named Saquib was a terrorist of banned Jihadi outfit “Harkat ul Ansar” and was killed in 2003 in Anantnag, Kashmir. Many analysts believe that it could be the reason for him raising the Kashmir issue. It is not the first time Shahid Afridi has fished in troubled waters, In March 2016 during his team’s match against Australia, Shahid Afridi thanked people of Kashmir for the support.

“I want to thank the people of Kolkata (the venue of a previous World T20 match against India) for supporting us. I thank people who came and supported us from Pakistan and Kashmir.” he said.

Shahid Afridi’d terrorist cousin Saquib hailed from Peshawar, Pakistan, and had been active in Anantnag for about two years before he was smoked by BSF in 2003. Saquib used to even flaunt his relation with Afridi among the people in Anantnag to gain their praise and trust.

After retirement Shahid Afridi could be working for Pakistan’s Army and on their behest is raising the Kashmir issue, to instigate the youth to wage Jihad against India.

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