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Chinese Nationals in Pakistan attacked Police van and tried to manhandle the Locals, Video Going Viral


CHINA is notorious for its influences over small and weak countries. With second largest economy in world, China is making these small and weak nations its colonies. Asian countries and African countries are the prime example of China’s authoritarianism. At first China cajoled these countries by providing loans and when these nations were neck deep in the loans, China coerced them to do things that goes against these countries national interests. The strategic port of Hambantota in Srilanka is one such sad story.

China also tried to cajole Bhutan and Nepal but India intervened at the right time and before things could have escalated, things were brought in control. But the arch enemy of India and sponsor of Global Terror, “Pakistan” is on its way to become another colony of China. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which Pakistan has projected to its people as some boon from “God” has started to show its effects. Despite the wishes and protests of the people in Pakistan Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Special Economic Zones were created by Pakistan and were shamefully handed over to China and its Army.

Omar r Quraishi a journalist from Pakistan has shared a Video of Chinese nationals where they could be seen, storming a police van and trying to manhandle the bystanders including the person making the video.

Soon after this tweet both Indian and Pakistani twitter users took this opportunity to share their views and to troll.

Omar R Quraishi later tweeted two pictures of the Chinese man involved in the fight.

Some sane Pakistanis were quick to understand the situation their government has brought them in

It seems that Pakistan is all set to become the next colony of China. Pakistan also tried to make Mandarin its official language but had to backtrack after protests erupted in Pakistan against this decision. So it isn’t the matter of whether but when? When will Pakistan crumble under the loans and will join the Dragon, to serve it by being it’s slave.




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