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China Accuses ‘India’ Of Injuring Chinese Border Personnel | Minorities of Kashmir |

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The tension between China and India has escalated as both countries have locked horns over Doklam a territory China claimed it’s own but infact is a part of Bhutan. Both countries have increased the presence of it’s Military in that area and no one among them is in any mood to remove them.

Chinese Army known as PLA (People’s Liberation Army) infiltrated in Ladakh to pressurise Indian Army but instead received a good beating when it’s soldiers started pelting stones on ‘Indian Army’Jawans.

China who was earlier making threats to India has now started using victim card and has accused Indian Army of injuring it’s soldiers after a scuffle between both Armies on the eve of Indian Independence Day.

“During this process, the Indian side took some violent actions and injured the Chinese border personnel. This has violated the consensus between the Indian and Chinese side in relation to the border issues,” Spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Affairs MinistryHua Chunying said in a press conference.

“China expressed grave dissatisfaction and we have lodged serious concerns to the Indian side and urged the Indian side to abide by the 1959 LAC and strictly discipline the conduct of the Indian border troops to earnestly uphold the peace and tranquility of the boundary area of the two sides,” Chunying added.




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