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Why Kashmiri Pandits never picked up weapons ?


If you are a Kashmiri Pandit, it’s certain that in your life you have been asked a question by your non KP friend that, “why you didn’t picked up a gun”. We all answered in a way we found suitable, but our friends never really understand the trauma and the burden that we feel. We have been called Cowards for not fighting back, for not not avenging the killing of our own, so today i will put an end to this question for once and all.

The first thing you need to understand is that before 1990, kashmir never witnessed an armed rebellion though India had already faced militancy in punjab but never in it’s wildest dreams, the indian establishment would had thought that such an insurgency will break out in kashmir and will lead by weak hearted kashmiris.

So when in 1987-88 there were rumours that “Kashmiris are travelling to POJK to take training”, Indian government didn’t paid any heed as they were certain that, kashmiris won’t take up arms but these youths which were high on jihad waged a war against India and kashmir became the ground for Global Jihad.

In 1989, USSR left Afghanistan and those thousands of “Mujhaids” were left without a purpose. So ISI of Pakistan gave them the purpose they were living for. It was time to liberate kashmir from kaffirs.

Thousands of kashmiri muslim youth were joined by the mujhaids of different countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan to name a few. They were armed with Ak-47 and were experienced fighters.

In 1989, the noted kashmiri pandit and general secetary of BJP “Tika Lal Taploo” was shot dead by militants in front of his home. After his killing, a chain reaction started and hundreds of kashmiri hindus were picked from their homes, tortured and killed by mujhaids who wanted to establish “Nizam e Mustafa” in kashmir.
So, coming to the question “Why kashmiri hindus never picked up the gun” because they didn’t had one. Kashmiri muslims were sponsored by Pakistan and arab states and they had something which caught the indian state off guard, “Element of Surprise”.

India had no answer to the insurgency, so they gave a free hand to Indian Army and when the beast was released, it did what it did best, it smashed, crushed and destroyed those mujhaids but had to pay a huge cost. 11,000 soldiers has gave up their lives so far in kashmir. These guys were trained soldiers and were armed to teeth. If it took lives of 11,000 men to stop the insurgency, how come the minority “Kashmiri Hindus” with no proper training and weapons could have destroyed the enemy?

Indian government were not intrested in saving kashmiri hindus at first place. They were seen as burden for some reason, so they were let to rot in Jammu, in a single room quarter for 20 years, then they were shifted in two room sets in different parts of Jammu.

Indian government armed Hindu Dogras and Gujjar Muslims in hilly and border areas of jammu but didn’t felt the need to arm kashmiri hindus and since “Hindus” of different parts of states and countries weren’t of any help either. Kashmiri hindus simply channeled all their energy to rebuild their lives.

One more thing that we need to keep in mind is that we are not middle eastern or African country, where civilians fight their own battle. We are a democratic nation and has a brave institution called “Indian Defense Force”. They fight our battle and keeps us safe. If “Ultimately” it’s the civilians who has to take up weapons, what is the need to maintain such a huge army.