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Six Top Commanders along with 126 Terrorists Gunned down this year in J&K.

Source: Google Images

Since the encounter of ‘Burhan Wani’ Indian Army has changed it’s tactics to deal with Kashmir problem and they have achieved huge success. This year Indian Army launched ‘Operation All-out’ and it’s one of the most successful operations that Indian Army has carried out so far against Pakistan sponsored Jihadists.

The Chief of Indian Army, Lt General Bipin Rawat gave a stern warning to terrorists a few months ago while talking to National Media and claimed that they will make Kashmir ‘Terrorists Free’ till the end of 2017.

He wasn’t joking when he said that and you have to look at the statistics to believe that. So far this year 132 terrorists has been killed by Indian Army in Kashmir and among those terrorists were Six top Commanders of Hizbul Mujhaideen and Lashkar E Toyiba. From the successor of Burhan Wani, ‘Sabzar Bhat’ to Lashkar E Toyiba top commanders, Bashir Lashkari to Junaid Mattoo and Abu Dujana, Security Forces are going after each and every of them and killing them.

Indian Army has also made a new hit list of those terrorists who are still alive and possess threat to the security of Kashmir, from ‘Reyaz Naikoo’ to ‘Abu Ismail’ and the new sensation in the world of Jihadis ‘Zakir Moosa’.




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