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The Tale of two ‘Kashmiri Hindu’ Policemen Killed by their own Muslim Colleagues.

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‘History repeats itself’ well in the case of Kashmiri Hindus it certainly did. One thing that Kashmiri Hindus need to learn is to whom to trust, from last 700 years they have been backstabbed, tortured, killed and whatnot by the people who were once themselves ‘Kashmiri Hindus’ and who were coerced to convert to a faith which was foreign to not just Kashmir but to Asia.

In 1989 when Communist Russia was decimated in Afghanistan by ‘AK 47’ wielding Mujhaideens, and at home by destabilised economy, world thought that the biggest evil (U.S.S.R) has been defeated for good and world will be a safe place now, less they knew that the biggest evil was spreading its tentacles in Afghanistan and was about to hit the whole world.

Pakistan who was trying to win Kashmir since 1947 saw the opportunity and used these ‘Mujahideen’ who were high on Jihad against India. Kashmiri Muslim’s who were already thrilled with things that unfolded in Afghanistan went to ‘POJK’ to receive arms training. And then it began, ‘Kashmir’ which was at peace since 1948 turned into a battleground. Jihadis from 20+ countries who were aimless and directionless after the win against Atheists (Communists) came to ‘Kashmir’ to do Jihad against ‘Kuffar’. Kashmir based Militant outfits like; Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) led by notorious militants like ‘Yasin Malik’ and ‘Mohammed Yusuf Dar’, along with other Kashmir based terror groups like Hizbul Mujahedeen, Muslim Janbaz Force, and Allah Tigers created havoc in the early years of insurgency.

Kashmiri Hindus who were and are at the receiving end since last 700 years became the easy and prime targets of these Jihads infested wild boars. Some 3000 Kashmiri Hindus were murdered by these fanatics and among those people were one Kashmiri Hindu named ‘Omkar Nath Wali’. Who was he?

source : ikashmir.net

Omkar Nath Wali was an assistant sub inspector in Jammu and Kashmir Police. He was a resident of Vessu, Anantnag. He was a devout father of three kids and a loving and caring husband. He was posted at ‘District Police Lines’ Anantnag. He had already sent his family to safety in Jammu but like a true ‘Warrior’ remained in the valley to deliver his duty. On 2nd January 1991 he was kidnapped by the terrorists of ‘JKLF’ and was shot dead. His own colleagues in the police lines were said to be behind his killing since they were hand in gloves with the Jihadi terror outfits. No enquiry was setup to find out his killer’s because he was a Kaffir who was defending his motherland ‘Sharda Bhoomi’.
26 years later his death, another Kashmiri Hindu who was a commando in J&K Police was murdered in cold blood by his Muslim colleague.

sameer bhat

‘Sameer Bhat’ a Kashmiri boy who was an encounter specialist and whose name used to send chills into the spine of Islamic terrorists was killed by his own friend SPO (Special Police Officer) Aijaz Ahmed. Never in his dream would he have thought that he will be betrayed by his own policeman friend whom he had known for 4 long years.

It all started on 13th of May when Sameer took Aijaz with him and both of them went to meet Sameer’s Uncle who is also a policeman. The uncle of ‘Sameer’, Head Constable Dileep Kumar, was on his way to Kupwara and they all met at Pahalgam. The duo dropped ‘Dileep Ji’ in District Police Line Kupwara and started their journey back to SOG Headquarters. But Sameer never resumed his duty. When Sameer’s father contacted ‘Ahmed’ and asked him about the whereabouts of his son, since the phone of Sameer was switched off. Ahmed lied that ‘Sameer’ has left for Jammu. But after not hearing from his son for two days, his parents lodged a missing report and a Special Investigation Team was formed to find out the truth.

Ahmed who first lied to Sameer’s father that Sameer has left for Jammu changed his statement again and said that, under the influence of alcohol and an emotional outburst over a failed relation with a girl, Sameer jumped into ‘Puhroo’ river in Kupwara.

But at the end, he confessed that he killed Sameer, he stopped the vehicle near Yunsu while returning from Kupwara and lifted a stone from the road and hit him (Sameer) on his head and then dumped his lifeless body into Pohru River. But to justify his wrongdoing he made a ludicrous claim that he killed Sameer Bhat because under the influence of Alcohol, Sameer tried to rape “Ahmed” and it seems that Police has accepted this nonsense as truth.

There are so many loopholes in his statement that certainly should be taken into consideration before a person makes his mind in this case, they both knew each other from 4 years so why Sameer never tried to force himself on him before? And why did he keep changing his statements again and again?
There is a larger conspiracy behind this murder of this brave young man who was ‘Death incarnate’ for Lashkar and Hizbul cadres. Omkar Nath Wali never got justice but we should make sure that should not be the case with Sameer Bhat.