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The Kashmir Struggle was always for ‘Islamic Caliphate’.


Since the day ‘Zakir Moosa’ the former Hizbul Mujhaideen Commander raised the issue of ‘Islamic Caliphate’ and called Kashmiri struggle as Islamic, the Kashmiri Separatist’s maintained their distance from him. The Jilted ‘Zakir Moosa’ left Hizbul Mujhaideen and are now the face of ‘Al Qaida’ in Kashmir. Zakir Moosa also gave a stern warning to all those Kashmiri Separatist’s who called Kashmiri struggle ‘Political’.

Zakir Moosa who is now the face of ‘Al Qaida’ have a mass appeal and many young Jihadis of Hizbul and Lashkar are drifting towards him because of his call for Islamic Caliphate in Kashmir.

The top brass of Lashkar and Hizbul are tense with this new development and so are their mentors in Pakistani Army and ISI. They know that, by calling this movement as ‘Islamic’ they will lose the support of all those Global player’s whose support is vital in order to solve this impending issue of Kashmir.
‘Reyaaz Naikoo’ the new Hizbul Mujhaideen Commander was seen at the funeral of a slain terrorist raising the slogans ‘ Pakistan se Rishta Kya’? To which the Jihadi mob replied ‘La illaha il Allah’ also tried to warn people not to follow ‘Zakir Moosa’. He warned people that ‘All those who have flag of Islam in their hand, aren’t Islamic and with Kashmir’s struggle’. Riyaz Naikoo was merely reiterating what ‘Seprarists’ and Pakistani Army told him to say. But one thing that Pakistani Army and Separatist’s can’t hide is the fact that ‘Kashmir struggle’ was always about Islamic Caliphate.

The former Hizbul Mujhan Commaer ‘Burhan Wani’ who was killed last year was also the votary of Global Caliphate and was very vocal about it. In his video messages, he expressed his Pro-Caliphate views many times. The Chief of Hizbul Mujhaideen ‘Syed Slahuddin’ has also expressed the same Pro-Caliphate views.

In 1989, when the killings of Kashmiri Hindus and Sikhs started and protests erupted all over Kashmir, the slogans weren’t Pro-Freedom but Pro-Islamic.

~’Yaha kya chalega ‘Nizam e Mustafa’ what rule will be here, ‘Islamic Rule’.
~Ae Zalimo Ae Kafiro, Kashmir humara choad do.
Oh Infidels, Leave our Kashmir.

The targeted killing of Kashmiri Hindus and Sikhs is also a undeniable proof that ‘Kashmir’ struggle was solely about ‘Islamic Caliphate’ and a part of Global Jihad. Till today not a single massacre of Kashmiri Muslims has been carried out by ‘Hizbul and Lashkar’ terrorists. But on the other hand ‘Hindus and Sikhs’ of Kashmir has faced numerous massacres, be it Gool Massacre, Sangrampura Massacre, Chattisingpora Massacre, Wandhama Massacre, Nadimarg Massacre. Also in Jammu only the massacre of Hindus were carried out by these Islamists who are sponsored by Pakistan. From Kaluchak Massacre, to Two massacre’s that happened in Doda, or the Udhampur Massacre, or the twin Suicide attacks that rocked ‘Raghunath Temple’ and killed hundreds of Hindu devotees, and the countless other massacre’s where the prime targets of these Jihadis were ‘Hindus’.

So it doesn’t matter what Lashkar and Hizbul say because for the first time in the history of Kashmir there is a terrorist who isn’t shying away from calling a spade a spade and it’s time we don’t shy away from calling it too.




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