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The Blame-Game in Kashmir and the Propaganda behind it.


Security Forces are on a roll in Kashmir as they have killed over 40 Terrorists, in the month of June alone and hasn’t slowed down in July too. A terrorist was killed today in Nowshera, and a Cordon and Search operation was going on in South Kashmir’s Tral area, where they were looking for some 2-3 terrorists.

Terrorists who are on the back foot at the moment, attacked a CRPF party today in Shopian, Kashmir. One CRPF Head constable lost his life in this attack and two Jawans sustained injuries. The news gained momentum in a couple of hours because of a heart wrenching picture, of a 3 year old kid who was sitting on the dead body of his grandfather and crying.

The Young Kid, sitting on his grandfather’s chest and crying.

CRPF blamed the terrorists for killing the old man and the family of the deceased blamed CRPF for the same. The Official statement is that the terrorists fired upon a CRPF patrol party and in this indiscriminate firing, A CRPF Jawan and a civilian lost his life.

A CRPF Jawan asking the kid to come to him.

Now analyse this picture, and think as an impartial reader, Would a Kid go to a person who just murdered his grandfather in front of him? He would be so frightened of him, that he would run on the other side of the road or just remain with his grandfather’s lifeless body.

A JammuKashmir Police Officer consoling the child.

The Kid was being consoled and taken care by Jammu and Kashmir Policeman, who saved the kid from the encounter site. SHO Shopian received praises from all the corners for his bravery and humane approach. The question which bothered many people, was, Why did the family of the deceased accused the Security Forces for his death?

The false accusation fall’s flat on the ground because the Terrorists were the one who started firing at the patrol party of CRPF and it makes no sense that, CRPF will drag someone from his car and shoot him while taking bullets from an enemy who is firing at them, and has already killed one of their Head Constable and grievously injured two. The terrorists who are believed to be two in number, were hiding in a Mosque and fired from there, and CRPF Jawans, didn’t retaliated to this provocation to maintain the sanctity of the Mosque.

Then why the accusation? For that, I have to take you back to 21st May 2002, when Abdul Ghani Lone, the founder of People’s Conference and a tall separatist leader was shot dead by Pakistani Terrorists. After his death, Sajad Gani Lone, his son accused, ‘Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Pakistan for the death of his father but later backtracked from his statement, on the behest of his mother who told him that she doesn’t want to lose him too.

So when a person of his stature can’t come out in open and blame Pakistan for it’s role in the killing of his father, there is no way that a common Kashmiri can do it and that too in a place like Shopian, which is the hotbed of Pakistan Sponsored terrorism.

SSP Imtiyaz Hussain also narrated a personal incident which tells us, how the families are coerced to tow the line.

So, we should not be bothered about what the family is claiming for the reasons are obvious, they have already lost a family member and they will lose more if they will go against the terrorists who for the moment rule Shopian.