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Operation Sadbhavna : Why there is no Sadhbhavna shown to Kashmiri Hindus/Kashmiri Sikhs by Indian Army?

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If Kashmir is a part of India today it’s because of the sacrifices made by the Indian Army men. They saved the land and its people from the barbarity of Tribal invaders sent by ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’ in 1948 and since then are giving their blood to protect it from the enemy. India has fought three wars over Kashmir and has defeated ‘Pakistan’ in every war. While Indian Army is known for its resolute couragesness and professionalism, it’s also famous for its philanthropic and humanitarian activities.
What is Operation Sadhbhavna?

Lt General(R) Arjun Ray started Operation Sadhbhavna (Goodwill) in 1998 to win the alienated people and to ease up their pain. Over the years under the banner of Operation Sadhbhavna, Indian Army has done tremendous job for those destitute people of Kashmir who lives in remote places. Under ‘Sadhbhavna’ Indian Army has provided them free healthcare, free education, has also done projects on community development, and projects on women empowerment.
Pakistan sponsored Islamic terrorists have created havoc in the border areas of Kashmir and are responsible for the pulverisation of many schools and healthcare centres. Under operation Sadhbhavna, Indian Army has spent more than 500 crore rupees in last 19 years to build infrastructure like schools, health and veterinary centres. Indian Army has also made sure that people should get basic facilities like fresh water, Primary education, Electricity, and has also helped the kids to get the Technical education.

Over 60 Modern English Medium Army Goodwill schools have been built to impart quality education to the kids of these areas. Indian Army also conducts educational tours for the kids of Kashmir where they are shown different states of India and also the cultural heritage of country.

A few days ago 40 Kashmiri Muslim students were able to Crack the prestigious IIT entrance test because of the help of Indian Army guidance and help.
But the question that arises here is that why this goodwill is shown to only majority community? Kashmiri Hindus faced Genocide, forced exodus and around 20,000 houses of Kashmiri Hindus were destroyed by radical mob. Thousands of canals of land were either sold on a throw away price or were encroached by the locals and state government. Till this day, not a single Kashmiri Hindu has been compensated by the State or centre government. Despite all this, no such scheme was started by Indian Government or Indian Army to give a healing touch to the destitute community.

No special schools were built for Kashmiri Hindu kids whose education was affected by the forced exodus. No free healthcare was provided to them under ‘Operation Sadhbhavna’. So the question that needs to be asked is that, Why Indian Army is only concerned about one section of society? Almost 20,000 Kashmiri Hindus are living in ‘Nagrota’ Jammu were the ‘XVI Corps’ of Indian Army is also located, despite this nothing has been done by Indian Army to guide the Kashmiri Hindu youth who is getting addicted to drugs. Not a single seminar is held by Indian Army to guide the youth with respect to their future education and career. On the other hand hundreds of such seminars are being held by them in Kashmir to guide the kids of majority community. Only one free medical camp was organised by Indian Army a few years ago in the Kashmiri Hindu Township.

Indian Army is also doing the same mistake which the politicians of this country has done, to prove their secular credentials they have resorted to appeasing the section of one community while sidelining the other.