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Remembering ‘Major Sushil Aima’ who attained VeerGati in 1999.

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Major Sushil Aima

Major Sushil Aima was a die hard Nationalist who had only one dream, to join ‘Indian Army’. Sushil Aima came from a noble family of Kashmiri Pandits from Srinagar. He didn’t informed his parents when he sought admission to prestigious ‘National Defence Academy’ fearing that his father won’t allow him to join the Army.

Sushil muster the courage and said the following to his father, “Joining the army has been my dream and today my dream has come true. I assure you I will not disappoint you. I will make a good soldier”.

His father was happy by seeing such devotion towards the ‘Father-land’ (Bharat varsha).

The young Sushil was commissioned in Army in the year 1988 and joined the prestigious Maratha Light Infantry as a Lieutenant, and a year later his community faced Genocide and Exodus from his motherland (Kashmir). Sushil took part in many anti-terrorist operations and turned out be a fine warrior. He was given the moniker ‘Tiger’ by his seniors because of his bravery and leadership skills. He was posted in the district ‘Doda’ of Jammu and had almost obliterated the presence of ‘Islamists’ there.

1st August 1994 was the date when Major ‘Aima’ got married to a beautiful girl named ‘Archana’. They had two beautiful kids one daughter ‘Ridhi’ and a son ‘Siddharth’ and they were one complete and beautiful family. Major ‘Aima’ was a family man who used to surprise his family with his surprise visits and plans. He was about to surprise them again but this time it was going to be a surprise that none of them had expected.

Major ‘Aima’ was about to join his family to celebrate his 5th Wedding Anniversary. But a day before his flight to home, he received a message that a group of ‘Sunni Islamists’ has taken refuge on a Hill and are planning to massacre the ‘Ahmedies’ of the village.

A meeting was called on a short notice and it was decided that ‘Major Aima’ will lead the task force who will take out these Jihadis. ‘Major Aima’ was leading his team from the front and soon established contact with the enemy.

He emptied his assault rifle and killed 3 terrorists but then a Jihadi shot him in the temple. He was bleeding profusely but managed to kill 2 more Jihadis with his handgun and gave enough time to his colleague to crawl back to safety after he got injured because of an enemy Grenade. The fight became so intense that it came to hand to hand fight, the wounded warrior was fuming with anger and unleashed Hell upon the puny Mujahids. In the hand to hand combat, ‘Major Aima’ killed three more Jihadis but he had lost enough blood and then this warrior bid adieu to this mortal world only to join the fallen warriors in ‘Swarag Lok’.

At that day, 32 Terrorists were gunned down and 8 of them were killed by ‘Major Aima’. His family was waiting for his arrival but what arrived was the news of his martyrdom. He attained ‘VeerGati’ on the eve of his Wedding Anniversary. When his body was flown to Jammu city from Doda, his immediate seniors were crying, saying ‘Tiger’ has left us.

‘Major Aima’ continued the legacy of his ‘Kashmiri Hindu’ community who had always gave up their life for the cause of Dharma and for this great nation.




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