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Did RSS/BJP sold Kashmiri Hindus to Separatists?


2014 was the year when almost 90% of Kashmiri Hindus voted for BJP in both Lok sabha and state assembly elections. The Modi wave had swayed everyone including Kashmiri Hindus, who had hoped that a nationalist government in center would change the Kashmir narrative.

The bonhomie between BJP and Kashmiri Hindus started after the death of Indira Gandhi who had a hold over Kashmiri Hindus, after her death Congress never attempted to fill the void which was created after her death, at that time Jan Sangh who had a minuscule presence in Kashmir filled that void and sets it’s permanent foot in Srinagar.

In 1989 when the targeted killings of Kashmiri Hindus started, the first victim of this global Jihad were those Kashmiri Hindus who were linked to RSS/BJP. After their killings this practice of target killings turned into a full blown massacre and then Genocide.

Lt General SK Sinha who was a great friend of Kashmiri Hindus had revealed that, when he was the governor of J&K he proposed a plan to rehabilitate the destitute Kashmiri Hindus to a two room set, but his plan was rejected by then chief minister Late Mufti Mohd Sayeed. Mufti, argued that ‘They(Kashmiri Pandits) should not be make too comfortable otherwise they would not return to the valley. Sadly the great General SK Sinha isn’t with us in this mortal world, but in one his article, he hinted that BJP had back-stabbed Kashmiri Hindus, He was referring to the meeting between Home Minister ‘Rajnath Singh’ and ‘Mufti Sayeed’ that took place on April 6, 2015 in Delhi in which both of them agreed on making clusters from Kashmiri Hindus in valley. But once Mufti reached valley back he took a u-turn and started calling it a flawed idea. The reason behind this was the outrage shown by the separatists who claimed that such clusters is a government conspiracy to change the demography of Kashmir and will change the situation of Kashmir into an Israel-Palestinian one.

General Sinha wasn’t a fan of Mufti Sayeed and wasn’t in good terms with him during his tenure as a governor of J&K. He had his difference with CM Mufti Sayeed, whom he called ‘A Soft separatist who has a soft corner for Pakistan’.

Before elections ‘BJP’ was a votary of separate homeland for Kashmiri Hindus. But now when they are in power, there isn’t any mention of it. They haven’t even cleared their stand on ‘Temple Shrine Bill’. The bill, was the protection for thousands of acres of land belonging to Kashmiri Hindus which were encroached by State Government and local Kashmiri Muslims with the help of revenue department. It was first introduced in the J&K assembly in the year 2009 but because of an impasse between BJP/Congress and National Conference, this bill met it’s demise and hasn’t been resurrected yet.

Post Burhan wani’s death, valley witnessed an increase in attacks against Kashmiri Hindus, minority pickets and transit camps. One such attack happened in ‘Hall Pulwama’, when a mob of thousands of Muslims attacked ‘Kashmiri Hindu’ tenant camp. The policeman who were there thwarted the attempt to sneak in, so they changed the stream of the local river in order to submerge the whole camp. Later Army reached the spot and situation was brought under control. These Kashmiri Hindus after reaching Jammu started an agitation against the brutalities they faced and this protest is still going on, as till today they have refused to go back to resume their duties. When home minister ‘Rajnath Singh’ along with the leaders of opposition went to meet separatists after the unrest, they were shown the doors by Syed Ali Shah Gelani. So they reached Jammu and here Kashmiri Hindu organisation asked him for his time so that they could narrate to him what they had to face but what they receive was a cold shoulder.

With the help of former Governor General SK Sinha, Kashmiri migrants were shifted to two room sets in different part of Jammu but within 6 six years the condition of these buildings has changed from bad to worse. These buildings are in dilapidated condition because of the rampant corruption as everyone be it builder, MLA, MP, Engineers did corruption and earned tons of money from it. Till today no inquiry has been setup to find out where this money went and who were responsible for putting the life of these Kashmiri Hindus/Sikhs into jeopardy.

BJP/RSS can’t simply use Kashmiri Hindus as a political agenda. Rehabilitation of Kashmiri Hindus was on BJP manifesto. May i ask what have been done to ensure it? When Kashmiri Hindus don’t feel safe there working what made BJP/RSS think that they will be willing to return? Have they taken them(Kashmiri Hindus) into confidence?

Why haven’t BJP re-opened the cases to give justice to Kashmiri Hindus? Their killers are still roaming free and living a lavish life while even after 27 years of Exodus ‘Kashmiri Hindus’ are waiting for justice?

Till today “Kashmiri Hindus’ hasn’t been compensated by the Indian government for the loss that had to borne because of the exodus and Genocide. So if BJP/RSS aren’t going to solve the above mentioned problems and issues then they have no right to talk about the well being of ‘Kashmiri Hindus’ and should not dare to ‘Rehabilitate’ them as we are not going to get massacred again just to sate the ego of ‘Superpower India’.




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