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In 1990 they blamed Jagmohan but who was the scapegoat in 1967?


You all must be aware of the story of Kashmiri Pandits who were chased out from their homeland by radical Islamists in a bid to make Kashmir an Independent state. They carried out genocide of Kashmiri Pandits, where thousands of Kashmiri Pandits were ruthlessly killed though the official figures shows a three digit number, which only proves how the state government of J&K and Center government of India tried to downplay this genocide.

Kashmiri Muslims till date blames Governor Jagmohan for the Kashmiri Pandits genocide, despite the fact that killings of Kashmiri Hindus were started in 1989 and Jagmohan became Governor in 1990. Well it was not the first time they blamed someone else for their sins in fact it’s their policy to shift blame on others.

In this article I am going to tell you about an incident where they were the aggressors and then they shifted their blame on the victims. To know the background of this 1967 incident, you need to read my article about ‘Parmeshwari Handoo’ a minor Kashmiri Pandit Girl who was seduced, kidnapped and converted by a Kashmiri Muslim. When Kashmiri Hindus protested, they were beaten, stabbed, killed and girls were molested by Jihadists.

If you have read the Parmeshwari Handoo article, you must be aware that 7 Kashmiri Hindus were killed in the protests which were followed after her abduction. When, ‘Y.B Chavan’ the then Home Minister of India went to Kashmir to know the ground reality, he was presented a memorandum and the memorandum states that:-

“The conversion to Islam and the marriage of a Kashmiri Pandit girl with a Muslim is a very trivial matter in our normal life and could not and should not have caused a sizeable conflagration”.

In fact they didn’t just stopped here but blamed Kashmiri Hindus for this whole episode, in the memorandum they said the following:

“The actual truth is that they (Kashmiri Hindus) have spared no efforts to wipe out the Muslim population by resorting to violence. It is unfortunate that the state Government have also suppressed many of the glaring activities of incendiarism, in which the Kashmiri Pandits community has engulfed itself during the last two or three weeks or so. Huge stocks of arms and ammunition have been recovered from temples, houses and large truck loads of armaments have been seized, but neither the Kashmir Radio nor the information department has had to say a word about the disclosures, although there is hardly nay person in the state who is not in the know of the matter”.

Here you can see the level of desperation of Kashmiri Muslims in spreading lies against ‘Kashmiri Hindus’. If the above mentioned claims were true, where did the state government disposed these trucks full of ammunition? Why is that despite having such large scale of weapons that there wasn’t a single incident where a ‘Kashmiri Pandit’ harmed any Kashmiri Muslim while on the other hand ‘7’ Kashmiri Pandits were killed many among them were stabbed by Kashmiri Muslim’s.

Btw, they didn’t stop here, on the same day a printed appeal from Khawaja Ali Shah (Chairman of ‘Idara Auqafe-Islamia and was the Ex president of Plebiscite Front and also the Ex minister of Revenue in Sheikh Abdullah’s time) were issued to the address of Prime Minister where he stated following:

“Recently an event has taken place which from whatever point of view it is looked upon was of common occurrence, but has been exploited in a way which has shaken to its foundation the peace in the country and the confidence of the majority community very deeply and rudely. A Kashmiri Pandit girl has married a Muslim after having fulfilled legal formalities. There have been well known inter-communal marriage cases in Kashmir which caused absolutely no tension or excitement. Why the present case was treated as an exception passes our comprehension particularly when it was sub-judice and when judicial findings would have revealed the true position. It appears that the hoo-how in this particular case must have been determined by some ulterior motive which was used as a camouflage.”

One thing that needs to be understand here is that, it was only when a men from a majority community marries a girl from minority community and in this case a minor girl that people of majority community were calling it a normal practice. But what if it had been a girl from Majority community? All hell would have been broken loose and the aftermath would be riots, rape and killings of minority community.

This incident only proves the already established fact that no matter what the situation is the majority community would always find a scapegoat to shift the blame of their own misdeeds.





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