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What was the Fate of Those Kashmiri Hindus who choose to Stay in Kashmir? | Minorities of Kashmir |

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Once the Global Jihad made its way into Kashmir in 1989 the fate of Kashmiri Hindus were sealed. Radical Islamists made it very clear that they want every Kashmiri Hindu out of Kashmir. They carried out the killings of prominent Kashmiri Hindus and later these killings turned into massacres.

Kashmiri Muslims has denied their role in the Genocide and Exodus of Kashmiri Hindus infact they have denied that there was a Genocide or Forced Exodus. They have blamed it on the former Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Jagmohan Malhotra. Though this lie which was spreaded by National Conference has been debunked many times, there is an another lie which needs to be debunked today.

Kashmiri Separatist’s and their ilk always try to push their propaganda down the throats of people who are oblivious to Kashmir problem. Whenever the question of Kashmiri Hindus Genocide and Exodus is raised they use the same old trick and lie about how Governor Jagmohan engineered the Exodus and then raise a counter question, Why nothing happened to those Kashmiri Hindus who choose to stay back?

So here are some facts which will put this propaganda of separatists to rest.

In 1997, 8 Kashmiri Hindus were abducted from Sangrampura and were shot dead but luckily one of them survived and in an interview narrated what happened. He said one of the Person was crying and asked the terrorists why are they intending to kill them. ‘We never left Kashmir then why are you targeting us’ to which the Islamic Terrorist replied who told you to stay here? And then they fired on them.

In 1997, a bus full of passengers were stopped near Gool and the terrorists asked for the ID card’s of passengers. They found three Kashmiri Hindus and they shot them dead.

In 1998, 23 Kashmiri Hindus were killed in Wandhama by Radical Islamists. They carried out the massacre on the eve of ‘Shab e Qadar’ the Holy night of Ramazan. The only survivor of that massacre was a 14 year old boy ‘Vinod’ and in an interview he said ‘When firing started, the volume of loudspeakers were increased in nearby Mosques to suppress the sound of Bullets’.

In 2003, 24 Kashmiri Hindus were massacred by Jihadists in Nadimarg to avenge the Gujrat riots.

Last year in 2016, A mob of thousands of Jihadis attacked a Kashmiri Hindu camp in Hall Pulwama. They diverted the stream of a Local river in order to submerge the camp and drown the Kashmiri Hindus but this plan was foiled by JKP.

Last year the terrorists attacked a Minority picket in Kulgam and tried to snatch weapons from JKP personal posted there. One Kashmiri Hindu sustained bullet injury in his thigh while a Jammu and Kashmir Policeman lost his life.

So, next time if you find a Separatist using this trick to fool someone who is naive then you know how to shut him up with facts.




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