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An Encounter between Kashmiri Pandits and Christian Missionaries!


In 1990, Seventh exodus of Kashmiri Hindus (aborigines of Kashmir) happened because of their genocide which was carried out by majority Muslim community with the help of Pakistan sponsored terrorists. When Soviet Russia pulled out its forces from Afghanistan the mujahedeen who were fighting an infidel atheist regime lost its purpose for fighting because the enemy had left Afghanistan, and it was then, that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI came with the sinister plan of sending them to Kashmir. Thousands of foreign terrorists infiltrated Kashmir just to start a new reign of terror in a place which for the last 700 years was witnessing infiltration, loot, plunder and death.
But this article isn’t about the causes of exodus but about an encounter that happened after the exodus in Jammu. Kashmiri Hindus had nowhere to go after they left their homes. They were given tents to live in different parts of Jammu. Kashmiri Hindus were living in places like Mishriwalla camp, Purkhoo camp, Muthi camp and many of them left for Delhi.
It was in 1990-1991 when one fine day a group of White people came from nowhere to meet them in Mishriwalla camp. They witnessed their plight in news covered by western media. Thousands of Kashmiri Hindus gathered to watch them as they were curious about their presence. They were making different stories about these guys being from BBC News who were here to interview them or they must be representatives of United Nation who will help them to retrieve what they had lost.
Those White people, with smile on their faces started the conversation. They introduced themselves and said that they are the Christian Missionaries who are here to help them. The Hindus were wonderstruck. They were thinking why these missionaries would help them when they didn’t receive any help from a Hindu organisation. The Missionaries said that they were sent by God to help them and they are in pain to see them in such miserable conditions. They continued, “God has a plan for you and you need to choose God”.
When the Pandits asked them to what they have to do to get this help, the missionaries replied “you have to convert to Christianity”. Kashmiri Hindus refused it straight away. The Missionaries weren’t expecting this reply from these destitute Hindus; it was because they were oblivious of the resolve of the Kashmiri Hindus. Missionaries tried to bribe them by counting all the benefits that Hindus will receive if they will convert to Christianity. They will be Given Flats in Bombay (Mumbai), Jobs and Money. The Pandits that time were living in torn tents and this offer may have accepted by any person in lurch but not Kashmiri Hindus. Kashmiri Hindus refused the offer and said the following words, “If we had the greed of these materialistic things then we would had accepted Islam in Kashmir as we were given the choice of Raliv (Convert), Chaliv (Run) or Galiv (Die)”.
Pandit’s continued “We had three storey houses, property worth millions of rupees in Kashmir and still we didn’t left ‘Hindu Dharma’.