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You may kill one militant, ten more will stand up: Kashmiri Separatist Leader Mirwaiz Farooq | Minorities of Kashmir |

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Mirwaiz Umer Farooq is the head Imam of Jamia Masjid Srinagar, where a DSP of Jammu and Kashmir Police was lynched to death by a Jihadi mob because of his ‘Pandit’ surname two months ago. The mob from Downtown Srinagar, mistook him for a Kashmiri Hindu because of his ‘Surname’ and then killed him mercilessly as alleged by one of the relatives of the deceased.

Mirwaiz Umer Farooq whose father was murdered by terrorist’s on the behest of Pakistani ISI for asking an independent Kashmir instead of merger with Pakistan has dared New Delhi and said “Each day young educated boys are being killed and there is a belief in some sitting in New Delhi that once all of them are killed the problem will be over. But those that think this forget that these boys took to arms as a reaction to repression and for the resolution of the dispute,” “…and as long as there is repression and force as a state response, while you may kill one ten more will stand up. So killing them will not kill the sentiment as is evident in their funeral processions.”

“People of Jammu Kashmir are awaiting that final resolution to put an end to the uncertainty that they are victims of and which is a root cause of their immense sufferings, death and destruction and hatred among people of the subcontinent,” he said.

“I once again appeal to all people in India to see Kashmir not as a piece of real estate nor as a territorial dispute between two hostile neighbors but as a human issue concerning hundreds of thousands of people and divided families hanging fire since the last 70 years, leading to great sufferings and loss of life on all sides that begs for a just resolution.”

It is important to mention that Umer Farooq has never talked about the assassination of his father despite knowing who was behind his murder.




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