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Twitter Bursted out in Emotions after Supreme Court’s Firecrackers Ban

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Supreme court of India on Monday imposed a ban on selling of firecrackers in Delhi – NCR till the end of this month. The Bench members imposed the ban stating that it will help to curb the pollution in the state.

According to a Report , eight resident’s of Delhi die Each day due to the highly polluted environment of the state, As Diwali is coming , India’s Capital is getting ready for another session of Lung Choking Smog.

Watch Times Now’s Report :

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Supreme Court has always been blamed for it’s stand on Hindu Traditions and Festivals. Supreme Court also gave a verdict against the Dahi Handi in which the Supreme Court banned below 18 from participating in Dahi Handi and limited the height of human pyramids to 20 feet.

After Supreme Court’s verdict, Twitterati used their twitter accounts to Troll the Supreme Court and it’s decision.

Here are some of the tweets:

1) Can I Burn old Crackers!

2) Always Banning Hindu Traditions!

3) Ban for Diwali!

4) Will burn Firecrackers for these Hypocrites!

5) Secularism or Anti Hindu!

6) No freedom for Hindus!

7) SC to Ban Food!

8) Noise Pollution!

9) Ban only for Hindus!

10) Joker’s Thoughts!

11) Shariah Court of India!

12) SC – The New Sultan!

13) Chetan Bhagat expressed his views in a series of tweets!

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