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This Sikh King Saved Kashmiri Hindus from Afghans by slaughtering each and everyone of them.


 We all remember the Martyrdom of 9th Sikh Guru ‘Teg Bahadur’ ji. Guru ji gave up their life in the highest fashion of Sikhism in order to stop the forced conversion of ‘Kashmiri Hindus’ by fanatic Muslim ruler ‘Aurangzeb’. Guru Ji was publicly beheaded in 1675 on the orders of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in Delhi for refusing to convert to Islam.

But there was an another ‘Great Sikh’ who saved the Kashmiri Hindus from the tyranny of these fanatic jihadists. After the sacrifice of Guru Teg Bahadur, the atrocities against Kashmiri Hindus still continued but it reached it’s zenith during the rule of Sunni Afghan rulers. Temples were destroyed and Mosques were raised over them. Woman’s were molested, raped and taken to Afghanistan. But then came a great ‘Kashmiri Pandit’ Birbal Dhar who took the task to oust these ‘Melechas’ from the land of ‘Aaryas’.

A Secret meeting was organised and Hindu leaders from all spheres of life gathered to discuss the plan and it was decided that Pandit Birbal Dhar will leave for Lahore to meet ‘Maharaja’ Ranjeet Singh ji’. Pandit Birbal Dhar left Kashmir with his son.

After many hurdles and without knowing that his whole family has been uprooted by Afghans, he reached his destination. Maharaja Ranjeet singh ji heard him attentively and was flabbergasted by knowing the plight of Hindus in Kashmir. He recalled the sacrifice of Guru Teg Bahadur and without wasting time, he ordered his Great Generals to march towards Kashmir. He asked Pandit Birbal to accompany Sikh Army to acquaint them with the topography of the state.

When Subedar of Kashmir Ajam Khan came to know about that Sikh Army is marching towards Kashmir, he was so terrified that he took all his gold that he had looted and his harem to Afghanistan. He handed his power to his brother Jabbar khan.

Maharaja Ranjeet Singh sent his top 4 Generals, Hari Singh Nalwa, Jwala Singh, Hukum Singh and Shyam Singh and under the guidance of Dogra, Rajput King of Jammu ‘Raja Gulab Singh’ the 30,000 strong Army of Maharja Ranjeet Singh pulverized Afghans in no time.

After Winning Kashmir by Slaughtering Melechas, the Great King ruled Kashmir for 27 years, Victimization of Hindus by Muslims had stopped and Temples were again reverberating with Aarti and bells. Rapes and forced conversion were no more a reality.

Such a valiant fighter was Maharaja Ranjeet Singh that, when he was only 13 year’s old, he went to an hunting expedition where he was attacked by Hashmat Khan’, who was a chief of an estate and was an enemy of Ranjeet Singh’s father Mahan Singh. The horse of Maharaja Ranjeet singh ji was frightened because of the sudden attack and the Melecha Hasmat khan took this opportunity and stabbed 13 year old Ranjeet singh with his sword but before he could make another move, the young king proved his blood and cut off the head of Hashmat khan. He then hung up his head on his spear and left for his destination.

Maharaja Ranjeet Singh was the savior of destitute ‘Kashmiri Hindus’ and unlike Great Guru Teg Bhadur he didn’t offered his own head to save the innocents but he ripped the head and heart of Melechas to avenge their wrongdoings.

Here’s something that might be interesting to you, “Second to Command in Sikh Army was a Kashmiri Pandit named Col Badri Nath”.

History will never forget this Great King.

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