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A Pakistani Girl asked Shashi Tharoor about his views on ‘Indian Occupied Kashmir’. Here is what he replied!


The firebrand leader of Congress Party ‘Shashi Tharoor’ is famous for many reasons be it his comprehensive knowledge of English Literature and Indian History or his political growth in Indian Political Arena. Shashi Tharoor was accused by BJP Leader ‘Subramanium Swamy’ of killing her wife Sunanda Pushkar a Kashmiri Hindu by birth, but there were no proof to back up the claim. Shashi Tharoor became a celebrity in India when he destroyed British apologists in Britain for justifying colonialism in India.

Shashi Tharoor and Sunanda Pushkar

There is a video of Shashi Tharoor which is making rounds on Internet. In a Q&A session, A Pakistani student asked Shashi Tharoor about his views on Kashmir and said whether he doesn’t think that India may also be looked as an
“Inglorious Empire” for ruling Kashmir while Kashmiris are fighting for freedom.

This is What Shashi Tharoor replied:

Click here to watch it directly on Youtube.

Here are some of the Twitter reactions:

Many People were simply amazed with his answer and claimed that he deserves to be the next Prime Minister of India while some wanted him to leave Congress. There were also few people who claimed that they will vote for Congress if Shashi Tharoor will become the face of it instead of Rahul Gandhi.

Here are some Comments:


Only guy I want to see as PM after shree modi ji. He is knowledgeable and can represent India very well on world stage, just pick any of his debates and you will also agree.


Why doesn’t Congress field him as their face…? He is eloquent, reasonable and makes sense…


If dis guy is the PM candidate instead of Pappu, definitely ppl ll vote him!!


Porkis are brainless morons, they never use logic in theri comments/arguments. They are just like their
intelligence agency ISI, #BornChutiye


If this guy is the face of Congress, I would definitely vote for him. He is well read, quite knowledgeable and a thorough gentleman. And best part is he always makes sense.


Not only this one..He explained everything in detail in the debate about british rule in india which is conducted by BBC…He is the true indian who never let our country down..#lotsofrespect


There’s J&K and POK, no IOK!!!!!!!


The most deserving candidate lost to Ban Ki-Moon because of international politics and the most deserving candidate for becoming Prime Minister after Modi is losing to Rahul Gandhi only because Nepotism and national dirty Congress Politics…

What’s your views on this.




  1. People suggest after hearing his reply Mr.Shashi Tharoor is a good candidate for PM of India. At best he can be termed as highly opinionated. Yes, he’s a good spokesman. It requires lot of leadership skills to hold a high office. He could not manage his personal life without controversies and can’t be trusted to manage a highly populated country like India.


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