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What makes you sad about Indians? This was the question asked on Quora and the answer of the Jammu boy is winning the Internet


Communist’s and Leftist Groups have always tried to ridicule Hindus and they use, Main Stream Media to put forth their nefarious Propaganda. The Plan is simple, to make Hindus ashamed of themselves so that it would be easier to manipulate them.

A Quora user who seems to be affected by this vile propaganda had asked a question that, “What makes you Sad about Indians?

But the answer of this Hindu Boy from Jammu is what you should read.

Here’s the Question asked by a Quora user:

What makes you sad about Indians?

And Here’s what Aryaveer Singh a boy from jammu answered:

The double standard which persists amongst the Seculars, Intellectuals, Feminist groups(mainstream), Human Right Groups, NGOs in India and many credulous Indians falling for their agenda is what makes me sad about Indians

As we all know , Kathua rape case happened recently and it was given huge coverage by media ,celebs and intellectuals. Even the original photo of the girl was disclosed and was being perpetuated in the social media which in reality is illegal according to Indian Law. There were many posts and memes by prominent people in social media specifically targetting Hindus and Hinduism. Few of the examples are

As one can see from these tweets , it clearly looks that it was meant more for a religious jibe than condemning the gruesome rape itself. As we all know the bollywood celebs also cashed in and highlighted “devisthan” and “Hindustan” in their placards. Similarly a meme involving Hindu gods went viral which was shared by congress leaders like Khushboo Sundar

Now those of who are justifying this Hindu bashing are giving the reason that Hindu groups supported the rapes and held rallies for it. I can say only one thing to them. I am from Jammu and people demanded a CBI probe because they sensed a conspiracy. They might be wrong but they weren’t demanding exoneration of the accused without a CBI trial which our mainstream media turned it into.

Few days ago a Hindu girl was raped in a Madrassa. No I am not bringing this case for the sake of whataboutery but I am bringing it up here to look at both sides of the story and to analyze whether the mainstream media , intellectuals and Bollywood celebs have a bias and show selective outrage. I”ll be sharing some photos regrading this case to know it better.

For those who cant read Hindi- All the people above are calling 11 year old Geeta as their “bhabhi” (Brother’s wife) who went with consent in the madrassa. They are taking a mocking jibe.

Now I want to delve into certain disturbing things here

Firstly no intellectual, liberal , mainstream feminists or a Bollywood star came holding placards for this issue.
Congress party members like Khushboo Sundar didn’t share memes on Muhammad the same way they did in the case of Kathua.

Journalists like Aarti Singh Tickoo didn’t say that muslim vultures raped a hindu girl inside a madrassa.

Rana Ayyub didn’t come generalising millions of Muslims to be the perpetrators against Hindus.

The reason of some fringe Hindu groups supporting Kathua rapists which many people used to give before can’t be applied now for the selective outrage because here too people are blatantly calling the victim as bhabhi. They are particularly mocking the Hindu text Geeta as the name of the girl is Geeta by saying stuffs like “Geeta takes an oath on the sacred text ‘Geeta’ that she will marry her lover Shabhaz.”

It horrifies me to see the above stuffs. Some members of the particular community whom our former Vice President deems as insecure in this Hindu majority country are having the audacious effrontery to call a rape victim their bhabhi with great nonchalance. Even more disturbing thing is that a prominent NSUI congress leader shares the same views. The weirdest, the most insane, bizarre idea is asking a girl to marry someone who raped her. Should the poor girl who went through the worst trauma and is already under a social, media and legal scrutiny be left to live her life with a dreaded criminal ? Stop this nonsense.

I would like to ask all these people 4 important questions?

1. How can a 11 year old girl be your bhabhi ?

2. Do you seriously think that a 11 year old girl knows what consent is ?

3. Even if we consider your point that she had consent, you guys are literally justifying paedophillia here . Under Indian Law consent of a minor is immaterial. The act comes under rape . Do you think all these things hold no value ? Dont you have any regard for the law ?

4. Don’t you think labelling everything as a RSS conspiracy is not a justifiable rebuttal everytime ?
Now let it be very clear , the rape has happened. Its ludicrous and ingeneorous to talk about mutual consent here.
Just because the girl might have been allured by a stranger doesn’t mean she was ready to have a sexual intercourse with him. When our parents tell us that be careful of the strangers , they don’t say it because they think we’ll have consensual sexual relationships with them. The utter thought of this claptrap which was perpetuated in the last two days disgusts me.

It reminds me of a similar case which happened in 2005 – The Imrana rape case where Islamic clerics told Imrana to consider her husband as her son because her father-in-law raped her. The leading Islamic seminary Darul Uloom Deoban also issued a Fatwa or opinion, which quotes from Quran 4:23: wa la tankihoo ma nakaha aaba-o-kum, “And marry not women whom your fathers married”, and not distinguishing between rape and adultery, said that as a result of her father-in-law’s act, she should now be treated as the mother of her husband and she could no longer live with him even though Imrana had not married her father-in-law

Imrana Rape Case

A parallel can be drawn out from that case because in that case too the rapists were glorified even though the people werent denying that the rape or the sexual act happened. They accepted the rape and were shaming the victim. The same thing has happened in this Geeta case now but sadly no prominent mainstream media has shown it to the degree they should have. Infact I had media notifications in my smartphone having headlines saying Hindu group raped a Muslim 8 year kid. Now imagine Hindus of this country being shamed by every news outlet via digital media. This is what they want to do. Make us feel ashamed of ourselves and of our civilization. But we should try to analyze things deeply and not fall for the trap. Do these media outlets react so vociferously when Kashmiri youths are seen raising ISIS flags every now and then.

ISIS flags raised in Kashmir

Protesters again display ISIS flags in Kashmir valley – Times of India

Yes they surely do share an obscure headline but they dont shove it down our throat the way they did in Kathua case
perpetuating the notion that Hindu nationalists supported rapists of Asifa saying jai shree ram . I dont see any mainstream media outlet shaming muslims when bomb attacks are carried by jihadis saying allah hu akbar every now and then. Infact they are quick to preach us that terrorism has no religion then. No one brought religion during the last year amarnath attacks even though it was a clear cut communal attack on a hindu pilgrimage. Instead the whole matter was diverted to the driver and his muslim identity. On the other hand, chargesheet of kathua case conflates it with demographic issue very skillfully indirectly blaming every jammu hindu who has reasonable qualms about demographic shift ( demographic shift is totally skewed and happens only from one side i.e from Kashmir to Jammu and not the other way round for obvious reasons we all know )

Now these are the sort of things which many guilt ridden Hindus are saying. I dont see Muslims feeling ashamed of themselves when ISIS beheads people and carries out sex slave trade of Yazidi children in the name of Islam.

ISIS’ power is waning, but its child slave trade is still booming

Isis ‘cooked baby son of sex slave and tricked her into eating her own child’

To their credit the Indian mainstream media doesnt blames it on them and rub it in their face unlike in this case where many prominent journalists are quick to disparage Hindus by saying “Hindu vultures raped 8 year old girl ” and “millions of Hindus are like this”.

I dont see Christians feeling ashamed of themselves when pastors are caught raping children in churches . NO one does that but our special brand of liberal Hindus are quick to hurl their self abasing diatribe whenever a case happens where a Hindu is the perpetrator. Surely these things should be condemened but saying things like “i am ashamed to be a Hindu” is a guilt ridden snowflake behaviour.

Catholic Church sexual abuse cases – Wikipedia

I am all for free speech but then have same yardsticks for all the religions. If the mainstream media,celebs, liberals, intellectuals and seculars want to bring religion , then bring it in every damn case where religion is involved. Even in terrorist attacks why spare it. One of the biggest child sex racket is unfurled in England mainly involving pakistani muslims as the perpetrators but our liberals stayed num.

i see people vouching for MF Hussain who made pictures of goddess Daraswati in a compromising position with an animal insinuating bestiality with people supporting it in the garb of freedom of expression but then when i read one of the the books of IGNOU BA course , the very starting of that book condemned the satirical drawings of Charlie Hebdo magazine on Prophit Muhammad totally forgetting what happened afterwards(BSHF-101 Pg. No.11). This hypocrisy should have have been clearly palpable to the people but sadly many choose to delibrately ignore. Freedom of expression cant be relative. It has to be absolute. Either have it or not. Preferential treatment for some is what irks me . Sonu Nigam raised a point on loudspeakers of every religious place be it a mosque, gurudwara or a mandir but we all know what happened afterwards and while i acknowledge that we have our stone age ideologues as well but then media rightfully disparages them too.

Coming back to the Geeta case , people reacted to this outright deplorable verbal diarrhoea but then those people arent some celebs like kareena or sonam with massive reach. Some of the replies are shown in the pictures below-

As I am a dogra from jammu and kashmir myself i will like to tell u to look at this

How many Indians know about this. How many Indians know about Raghunath Mandir (one of the most prominent temples of Jammu) attacks which happened two times in 2002

2002 Raghunath temple attacks – Wikipedia

I can vouch for the fact that hardly 1% of Indians would know this while Babri Masjid demolition is known to everyone. This is why i say there is selective outrage in media and by intellectuals . There is a definite bias
Ask any Kashmiri Muslim about the Mujahideens and the Seperatists and majority of them will have good things to say about them. These are the very same Mujahideens and Seperatists who did all the aforementioned things . See no one blames them for this . This is the hypocrisy i dont like. The people of Jammu were demonized by our very own mainstream media in a matter of few days but all these things seems insignificant i guess and let me be very clear on one thing, no one in Jammu supported the gruesome rape of the little girl Asifa. It breaks me into pieces seeing such cases happening ….We Jammuites shared a lot of photos and we were never supporting that gruesome act. Yes people had doubts and that is why they demanded a CBI inquiry. Yes some people went overboard by chanting shri ram slogans. That wasnt needed and we acknowledge that . Some of the photos we shared were

Now the demand for CBI enquiry may be wrong or right. People of Jammu have their qualms because of the percieved preferential treatment of Kashmir region but then how does it mean that we are justifying rape. As i said it earlier in my answer , no one is saying that accused should be freed without trial, People were asking for a CBI trial and if the case is indeed true , it will only attest it.

A significant amount of Kashmiri Muslims dont acknowledge Kashmiri Pundit massacares. They bring the claptrap of Jagmohan conspiracy . The Jagmohan conspiracy propaganda is quite famous in the valley and uptill now i havent seen any liberals, intellectuals calling them supporters of rapists or murders for that . Hundreds of Kashmiri Pundit ladies were brutally raped in the 90s by the Mujahideens and by Seperatists and a lot of Kashmiri Muslims unequivocally support the very same people . Did anyone call them supporters of rapists then .
Take a look at this –

This is for all the Jagmohan Conspiracy Theory sympathizers

To all the people who dont agree with the answer – Before calling me a sanghi i would like to tell you that i am an agnostic and have serious doubts about god. Had i been born 25 kms away from my house(Pakistani border is 25 kms away from my house) i would have been put to jail under apostasy laws for being an agnostic(had i publicly revealed my identity there ) so yes i prefer Sanghis over Islamists anyday , i’ll agree on that …Even the so called secular country Indonesia puts you in jail for being an atheist under apostasy laws so i hope you dont do the name calling after reading my answer even if you dont agree with it

Embrace of Atheism Put an Indonesian in Prison

At last i would like to show two photos which will sum up my answer. One is on the excessive pseudo secular fervour and one on the right way of doing protest

Thank You.

Source: Quora




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