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These Pics of Iran before Islamic Revolution will surprise you


Charles Darwin gave the theory of Evolution and the world was never the same. The nature of Living beings is to evolve to change into something better though it holds true for the Animal Kingdom it can’t be said about the Human species. Human race has made significant progress in the fields of Science and technology but at the same time we have failed as human beings. Religion has played its part in this, to be very precise Abhrahamic one’s. The biggest threat to humanity today is ‘Islamic Terrorism’. From Kashmir to Boston, Xing yang to Istanbul, radical Islamists has created havoc everywhere and to contain this threat ‘War on Terror’ has been going on in Middle East, Africa and South East Asia from many years. But you would be surprised to know that things weren’t like they are today. Many war torn Islamic countries were once peaceful, secular and modern before Jihadis took over the country and destroyed it.

We posted about what Afghanistan used to look like in 1960’s. You can read the article Here.

Today we are going to talk about ‘Iran’. Iran is the only Shia majority country in world and maybe the only nation who is a staunch enemy of Israel. Iran openly backs up many terrorist groups who have waged a war against State of Israel. The Supreme leader of ‘Iran’ Ayatollah Khomeini raised the issue of Kashmir’s freedom in his speech a few months ago which irked billions of Indians and people who support Democracy and Human Rights.
But Iran wasn’t like this in 1960’s. There were rule of law and Human rights were a priority for the government. Iranians were free to wear whatever they like, to drink whatever they want because then Iran used to be ruled a Secular leader named ‘Shah’. Who was he? Mohammed Reza Pehalvi also known as Shah was the second and last monarch of the House of Pahalvi of the Iranian monarchy. He was the Shah (King) of Iran from 16 September 1941 to 11 Feb 1979 before he was overthrow by Iranian Revolutionaries.

Here are some Pictures of Iran of 1960’s:

Pic credits: Business Insider.




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