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This famous bollywood celebrity to make a movie on Kashmiri Stone Pelters


Shekhar Suman is all set to direct a movie based on Stone Pelters of Kashmir Valley. “PATHARBAAZ – The Stone Pelter” will be a bilingual movie in both Hindi and English. Shekhar made his directorial debut in 2014 with the medical thriller “ Heartless ” featuring his own son “Adhyayen Suman” in lead role.

According to the report of Mumbai Mirror, Patharbaaz will be a first person account of a young stone pelter who picks up a stone at the age of eight and that sets him on a path of violence which he believes is a freedom struggle. “Midway through his fight, after losing his younger brother and best friend, he chooses to turn his life around. But the people who followed him feel betrayed when their leading stone-pelter decides to back out,” informs Shekhar, who is taking off to Kashmir later this year for research.

While the film’s tagline will be “Maaro Ya Mar Jao”, the 54-year-old actor-filmmaker insists that its primary message is that there is place for harmony and brotherhood in the Valley. “The misguided stone-pelters believe the real enemy is the Indian army but a few soldiers save them from danger,” Shekhar points out, adding that the scene was incorporated after he read about some jawans rescuing Kashmiri families, even those of stone-pelters, during the 2014 deluge in the state.

Shekhar also posted about it on Twitter.

Here are some of the tweets about the movie

Adhyayen tweeted about it too.

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