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This is what Omar Abdullah has to say about Supreme Court’s Firecracker Ban

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Supreme court on Monday banned the sale of fire crackers in Delhi – NCR region. The ban is uplifted as jury members stated that putting a full stop on the sales of firecrackers will lead to a pollution free Diwali.

Many People stated that Supreme court is Anti – Hindu and they are only putting bans on Hindu traditions wheather it be Dahi Handi, Jalikattu or firecrackers on Diwali.

Retailers of firecrackers now fear massive losses due to the Supreme Court’s decision.

A bench headed by Justice AK Sikri, while restoring the order, earlier today said: “We should see at least in one Diwali the impact of a cracker-free festival.”

However, the court said that the September 12, 2017, order lifting the ban on the sale and stocking of firecrackers in Delhi NCR will be back into effect from November 01.

The main issue with the SC’s decision is the fact that the retailers and manufacturers of firecrackers were not given any time for a review as Diwali starts in just 10 days.

The Former Chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir “OMAR ABDULLAH” expressed his views on Twitter about the ban.

Here is the Tweet :

Here Is some reactions of twitterati after the tweet :

1) Babies Struggle!

2) Omar’s Reply!

3) Relief for Inland People!

4) SC should look after corruption!

5) Cases can Wait!

6) Not have so many Scams!

7) Point!

8) Same thing happened through demonetisation!

9) Biased Order!

10) Also about manufactures




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