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Lt Umar Fayaz Avenged by Indian Defence Forces | Minorities of Kashmir |

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23 years old Lt Umar Fayaz was brutally killed by Pakistan sponsored Radical Islamists in ‘May’ this year. He went to his home town in Kashmir to attend the Marriage ceremony of his cousin but was kidnapped by Lashkar E Toyiba Terrorists. It was the locals who gave the news of his whereabouts to the terrorists. He was mercilessly tortured before being shot dead.

After his death Indian Army started Mission ‘All Out’ to kill the every remaining terrorist in Kashmir and has killed 134 to 140 terrorists so far including 6 Top Commanders of Hizbul Mujhaideen and Lashkar E Toyiba. But the main culprit, the one who killed Lt Umar Fayaz remained unscathed till today.

Lashkar E Toyiba Commander, Ishfaq Paddar was shot dead today in Kulgam today by SOG of JKP and Indian Army. Security Forces came to know about his presence in Tantrepora village in Kulgam. Security Forces cordoned the whole area and challenged the terrorist who then fired on Security Forces.

Body of Ishfaq padder

The firing continued for some time but Security Forces were successful in killing the notorious Lashkar E Toyiba terrorist. He was wanted for civilian killings.

An AK 47 was recovered from him and it was unknown whether the encounter took place in a building or an open field.

Yesterday, Lashkar E Toyiba Terrorists carried out an attack in Srinagar in which a Police Head Constable ‘Kishan Lal’ attained Martyrdom.




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