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IG Kashmir has a message for Militants in Kashmir


Security forces in Kashmir want to help local militants to rehabilitate if they surrender to the forces rather than killing them in encounters. The surrender can also be made in the middle of encounters.

Last year in Sopore, Kashmir the first such surrender happened, when the Superintendent of Jammu and Kashmir Police took the help of the father of the militant and convinced the militant to surrender.

“We repeat our offer to the local militants that if they want to surrender we will provide all support even in rehabilitating them”, IG Kashmir, Munir Khan said.

“We again appeal to local militants to surrender and start living a normal life. Our full support will be available to such local militants who lay down their arms. Even if they surrender during encounters with the security forces,” Inspector General of Police Munir Khan added.

“Our request to local militants is that they should not come under influence of foreign militants and rather lay down their arms”, IG CRPF, Zulfikar ahmad said.

Nowadays, a heavy number of local boys of Kashmir are joining the hands with terrorist organizations and are coming under the influence of terrorists from foreign lands; this has become a cause of concern for Security forces in Kashmir.