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Indian Army Jawan kicked a Chinese Soldier who was pelting stones |Minorities of Kashmir|

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India and China has locked horns over “Doklam” a place in Bhutan which China claims is his own. Bhutan and China had 24 rounds of border negotiations so far over Doklam but nothing conclusive has came out of it.

According to a treaty between India and Bhutan which was signed in 1949, Bhutan agreed to let India guide it’s foreign policy and defence affairs. However this policy was changed in 2007 and a ‘New Friendship Policy’ was signed which gave much broader sovereignty to Bhutan as it became free to Import weapon’s from different countries and and it’s now free to make it’s own foreign policy.

China started building a road which it claimed was within it’s border but infact was deep inside the Bhutanese territory. Bhutanese seek out the help of Indian Army and Doklam became the site of standoff between Indian and Chinese Army.

To coerce India to back off from Bhutan, Chinese Army known as PLA infiltrated from Ladakh but were pushed back by Indian Army Jawans. Rattled by the response of Indian soldiers Chinese Soldiers resorted to Stone Pelting but were beaten black and blue by Indian Army Jawans.

A Video has been surfaced online in which a Chinese Soldier could be seen pelting stones on ‘Indian Army’ Jawans who were clashing with Chinese Soldiers. Suddenly an Indian Army came from nowhere and kicked that Chinese Soldier and send him packing his bags.




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