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40,000 Rohingayas will be deported back to Myanmar and Bangladesh – Indian Official


India is in with talks with Bangladesh and Myanmar about it’s plan to deport 40,000 Rohingayas who are living in India illegally a government spokesperson said on Friday.

Center government has also asked the state government’s to form a task force at district level to find and deport these illegal immigrants.

“These things are being discussed at diplomatic level with both Bangladesh and Myanmar,” More clarity will emerge at an appropriate time, Interior Ministry spokesman K.S. Dhatwalia said.

Junior Interior Minister Kiren Rijiju told parliament on Wednesday the federal government had directed state governments to “constitute task forces at district levels to identify and deport the illegally staying foreign nationals”.

Tens of thousands of Rohingayas left the Myanmar after a Islamic Terrorist group called ‘Harakh Al Yaqin’ attacked the border Police posts which gave the way to crackdowns by Myanmar Army. Myanmar Army was accused of using brute force against the Rohingayas who are considered the sympathisers of this Jihadi Tanzeem.

There are over 54,000 Rohingayas living in India and only 14,000 of them are registered with the UN Refuge Agency. The Rohingya in India live mainly in Jammu, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi in the north, Hyderabad in the south, and Rajasthan in the west.




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