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A Reply to Rahul Gandhi’s Height of Selfishness

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Dear Rahul Gandhiji you are taking advantage of Sushmaji’s speech in UNGA in which she said that successive governments in India had created IITs, IIMs and ISRO, whereas ‘Terroristan’ had created only terrorist organizations.

Dear Rahulji let me respectfully tell you that Sushmaji was speaking as India’s foreign minister in UNGA, and she can not say that Kashmir problem is also a creation of your great grand father. Do you really want Sushmaji to tell UNGA that lacs of Kashmiri people and the government of India are paying the price for your grand father’s blunder.

Rahulji when you take credit for IITs , IIMs and ISRO let us have a fair comparison. Don’t compare developments in India with the failed state of Terroristan.

Compare it with democratic nations like Israel or South Korea,which got their independence in 1948,or compare it with Singapore, which got its independence in 1964. You can also compare India with Japan who lost the world war and were devastated by atom bomb attack. You can also compare India with Germany who lost 2 world wars and were divided into two nations by external forces.

In comparison with these countries India has the advantages such as being very big and full of resources
such as -fertile lands, lots of rivers, minerals, no extreme climate, and huge human resource.

Israel is surrounded by enemy countries.

South Korea is under constant threat from the rouge state ,North Korea.

Singapore is a tiny country which was struggling for even its drinking water.

Japan is still suffering because of the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and is often struck by devastating natural calamities.

West Germany (whole heartedly) had to pay a huge external debt for east Germany to get a unified Germany.

Rahul Gandhiji, if you are taking credit for IITs, IIMs and ISRO then you must take the blame for whatever Indians are lacking from -sanitation, health care, education, unemployment, external debts, geographical disputes, drinking water shortage, institutionalization of corruption etc.

Rahulji you cannot be so selective.





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