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Not in My Name- Another Flop Show by Communists and Islamists

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Secular and Liberals of India are again in news because of #Not_in_my_name trend and protest.  This trend was making rounds on Social Media two days ago and was used by Leftists and their allies Communists/Islamists. Main Stream Media which is infested by these left wing extremists were the sponsors of this trend cum protest. The idea behind this trend/protest was to show solidarity with those Muslims and Dalits who were lynched by the ‘Gau Rakshaks’. Even though this protest, turned out to be a flop show because of the obvious reasons. First and foremost its Anti-Hindu appeal, Communists and Islamists were carrying placards on which things like ‘Hindu Terrorism’ was written. So these Liberals, who even after the Genocide of Kashmiri Hindus weren’t able to find the religion of terrorism, were able to link terrorism with Hinduism after few cases of lynching. And second was the ‘Selective Outrage’ of Liberals/Leftists. They keep raking up the issues of intolerance in India when the victims are either Muslims or Dalits (Hindus). But in case of Dalits (Hindus) Leftists only show their anger when the Dalit is being murdered or beaten by an upper caste Hindu. Last year a 16 year old Hindu (Dalit) boy was murdered by a group of Muslims in Pune, Maharashtra. He was burned alive by them, but just before he breathed his last, he told his dad that he was killed because he was Hindu; there was no protest, no candle light vigil for the Dalit Hindu boy by liberals.

The biggest tragedy of our time is the ethnic cleansing and the Genocide of Kashmiri Hindus carried out by Islamists and till this day no outrage was shown by our liberal elite on this. They even roped Pakistani activists in this ‘Not in my Name’ protest even though the same Pakistan is responsible for sponsoring terrorism in India.

In 1995, some 14 members of a Hindu family were killed by Islamic terrorists in Doda, Jammu. They abducted these people and made a small kid watch this massacre; they even shot dead his elder brother who was also a kid in front of him and then set that kid free with a message, these people were killed because they were watching satellite TV which was against Islam.

In 2006, Doda witnessed another massacre when Islamic terrorists killed 35 Hindus. Since 1989 around 1,00,000 Hindus has been murdered by Pakistan sponsored Islamic terrorists but till this day, not a single protest has been carried out by Indian Liberals.

On 27th June 1990, a Hindu girl named ‘Girja Tikoo’ was abducted by JKLF terrorists in Kashmir, She was gang raped and then taken into a wooden saw mill where she was cut into pieces by those Jihadis and they did so with a Hand Saw. Till this day not a single protest was carried out by Liberals.

Sarla Bhatt a staff nurse was abducted on 14th April 1990 by JKLF terrorists. She was raped and her body was riddled with bullets and guess what no outrage was shown by liberals.

On March 31st a group of Islamic terrorists entered the house of Sohan Lal Braroo at Kralkhud, Srinagar.  They shot dead ‘Sohan Lal Ji’ and then gang raped his wife ‘Bimla braroo’ and daughter ‘Archana Braroo’. Archana who was a minor then succumbed during the rape while her mother was shot dead after.

In the year 2000, 30 Amarnath Yatris (Hindus) were shot dead by Islamic Terrorists in Kashmir. There was no ‘Not in My name’ protest by Communists.

So it is evident that this notorious gang of Liberals/Communists/Islamists/Media only cry about Intolerance when a particular community is at the receiving end. The blind hatred these liberals have for this nation and Hindus is sickening and it’s this hatred that’s driving these protests. But the nation has awakened and people are wise enough to fall for their trap.