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The Good , The Bad & the Ugly of Nehru !


Today is the death anniversary of a Great Statesman & Super patriot bit flawed;

Enjoy some rare photos of him in his beloved Kashmir.

Pancheel ( 5) on Pandit Nehru.

The Good , The Bad & the Ugly of Nehru !

The Good

1.Had great education & knew European mind like one of them . He thought like a Englishman as he was at Harrow School as a kid & later at Trinity College Cambridge .

Cambridge wanted Nehru to be their Chancellor- a unbelievable offer during the time racism was rife in the west !

Records and reports in ‘Varsity’, the student newspaper of the university, reveal that even though Nehru felt honoured to be nominated, he felt he could be of no service as he was busy as India’s prime minister, and eventually persuaded his supporters to withdraw his candidature.

Those who had nominated Nehru included Bertrand Russell, E M Forster and Lord Mountbatten.

He was influenced by thoughts of Bloombury group at Cambridge .

Bloomsbury Group

2. Understood the futility of religion & belief in non existent God in the hallowed enviorns of Cambridge . He had no time for rituals & saw the futility in all religions.
Farooq Abdullah told me that once on dinner table Nehru lambasted Sheikh Abdullah when he said Khuda will decide fate of Kashmiris ! Told him to get real !

3. Was used to Classical studies as they are called . Strong in History & natural sciences & knew the havoc played by fanaticism.

Hobnobbed with great thinkers & economists like Maynard Keynes & Bertnard Russell etc at Cambridge University esp the Bloomsbury intellectuals mentioned above .

4. Knew proud nations are built on self reliance, education , research & sciences . Used his huge brains to make great institutions of Engineering , Medicine , Science including Nuclear .

5. Laid the foundation of Indian Democracy including Constitution & was instrumental in reviving Commonwealth along with Great Britain & also was founding father of non Aligned nations .


The Bad

1.Had a very poor personality trait – haughty & dismissive of his Indian politicians ! Thought no end of himself . Though he was very gracious with poor & toiling Indians. Thought nothing of constantly encouraging manual workers at Vigyan Bhawan project & it was completed in record time .

He was a Brown viceroy who sent his clothes to London for dry cleaning. Indian & Indians were not good enough for him !

2. Lacked humility esp who were of poor intellect. He could not suffer fools gladly.

3. Sucked up to White people at the cost of his own country men .

4. Could not hear bad things about his incompetent peers . Protected incompetent VK Krishna Menon till the end though he was a disaster as a defence minister proving Orators lack commonsense ! Menon Single handedly tried to destroy the morale & fibre of Indian defence forces & Nehru has to bear responsibility for this as PM .

5. Encouraged sycophants & favouritism .His chosen one could do no wrong & his distractors could do no good !


The Ugly

1 . Very poor tactician & thought having an army was waste of time & money ! Believed India would have no enemies under his watch .
Overestimated his reach & charm ! He thought PM of India was an extension of his great innings at Harrow School & Trinity College Cambridge !

2. Was not street smart in realpolitiks to counter Chinese & Pakistanis . They taught him great lessons in insincerity duplicity & backstabbing !

3. Kept Indian Army in dark ages and paid a huge price for it in 1962 when China taught us a huge lesson in betrayal !

4. Wanted a dynasty in his name as he thought no one else could govern India !

5. Sat on important decisions. Was very slow in sending Indian army to save Kashmir in Oct. 1947 & did not allow them to finish the job in Dec 1947 & halted his force inexplicably at Uri when Pakistan Occupied Kashmir was all his for the taking – took the infamous UNO route !


In Summary a Great Statesman , patriot who was let down by his own personality which did not allow him to be totally unbiased & surgical vis a Vis Pakistan & China !




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