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This Former Israeli President gave an realistic solution for Kashmir Problem


A Hindi Poet, ‘Hari Om Kumar’ wrote an intriguing poem on Kashmir which will really tell you the reality of Kashmir. The first line of the Poem goes like, ‘Bas Naaro mai Gaate Rahiyega Kashmir Hamra hai’, it means ‘Only in slogans keep saying that Kashmir belongs to us. It is the ugly truth, that we haven’t done anything to make Kashmir an Integral part of India in reality. It seems that successive ‘Indian government wasn’t and isn’t interested to solve Kashmir issue.

Kashmiri Hindus, the rightful inheritors of Kashmir were thrown out of their land. In 1947 the population of Hindus in Kashmir were around 15% and today it has slumped to 1% and India isn’t bothered.

Last year the former President of Israel ‘Shimon Peres’ died after suffering a stroke and with his death, this world lost another fine statesman. Shimon Peres was a practical and no nonsense man and his legacy will continue.

He once gave an practical and realistic plan to solve Kashmir problem. He said that in order to save Kashmir from the Pakistan sponsored terrorism, ‘India should not afraid or hesitate to populate Kashmir with people from all around India. He said only the demographic change in Kashmir can help India to reclaim it back. He said the idea of a Maslim majority state living peacefully with a Hindu majority community is idiotic and this idea is nothing but anathema.

Shimon Peres echoed the voice of every Indian nationalist, when he said India should abrogate Article 370, which has caused so much problem for India. Though Shimon Peres is no more with us, but the guidance and wisdom of this great soul will remain with us forever.

Let’s Hope that India will rectify the mistake committed by Jawharlal Nehru and will remove Article 370 for once and all.

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