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Debunking the Propaganda of “The Wire” on Hanuman Ji


Nilanjana Bhowmick is a writer for Communist mouthpiece, The Wire. She came up with an article where she called a picture of Hindu God “Hanuman Ji” a source of mean and negative energy.

How hard is it for you to look through this sheeple? This is in blatant disregard to all journalistic standards. A mere poster triggered this so called journalist to cook up an entire piece of fiction.

Just read the article. I’m shocked by the very passive response hate-pieces like these get in India when they’re directed towards the majority. She tries very hard to correlate ‘Om flags’ on houses in Noida to resurgence of a completely made-up, non-existent militancy. “Militancy”? Seriously? Hooliganism, vandalism or anti social elements are one thing, but “Militancy”, “terrorism” is blowing it off the planet.

Mind you, this is the same platform that shared a poem on how it’s difficult to live a normal life in Kashmir. So, Hanuman posters are a sign of rising Hindu militancy, but a child being brainwashed into pelting stones in Kashmir is a sign of self identity and resistance? Where else will Hindus fly those flags or celebrate Hanuman jayanthi? Pakistan?

First issue is the media. India lacks faith in its media according to a survey by world economic forum. Have you ever thought about it? Why is it so? That’s because we, the anglicized Indians, the urban upper-middle class, educated in English give attention to these wannabe iconoclasts. We are their market, everything ranging from communist literature to attack on cherished beliefs can be easily sold to us. When things are wonderfully packed in a left-lib, neo-“progressive”, European-styled wrapper, anything sells! Even if the information is wrong, even if opinions are stated as facts. People like us form such a small percentage of the Indian population. From our high horses we, the self proclaimed flag-bearers of liberalism would claim that the naivety of average Indians makes them see bullshit in our preposterous claims. Why can’t we, “pseudo-liberals” question ourselves – “Are we too deep in the rabbit hole”?

The second issue I have is with the ignorance of “Hindus”. We are ignorant. How many of us know anything beyond Ramayana and Mahabharata when it comes to Sanatana Dharma? How many of us know that Sanatana Dharma is in essence monotheistic, but in form, can be polytheistic. How many of us know that Sanatana Dharma cannot be defined as a religion per se. We do not fit the absolute definitions of religion as fixed by the west. I can believe in Jesus, still be a sanatani, I can believe in no god, still be a Sanatani. The point I’m trying to drive home is that if we don’t know about our own culture, we’ll obviously fall prey to vultures set on an agenda to destroy it (cue TheWire.in ). I know so many people from my hometown Delhi (this epidemic seems to affect mostly people from metros like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Banglore, etc. ) who would happily share Greek philosophical quotes but their inherent bias would make them look down upon the Gita’s philosophy or philosophy by Confucius. The classic east-west bias.

Coming back to the article. Through the means of self glorified platforms, masquerading as beacons of hope, voice of the oppressed, flag-bearers of progressiveness, these media houses sell us their propaganda. Wrapped in the very appealing cover I was talking about. Open your eyes people. Use google, watch debates rather than buying into opinions. Education goes beyond academics. Being aware is a necessary part of the contemporary world otherwise you’ll never get your red pill. This goes out to specifically two kinds of gen-z anglicized Indians :

1) the blissfully ignorant – ones who couldn’t care less about current scenarios, social situations, culture, country.

2) the deep down in the rabbit hole – ones who have consumed so much of one side that they feel naturalized to that side and its opinions, and feel obliged to defend them even if they’re wrong. Wake up people, see through the BS, voice your opinions because the opinion of propaganda and bias is louder right now.




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