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Beheading Innocents were always a trend in Jammu and Kashmir, Terrorists have revived it in J&K after 20 Years

The Kidnapped tourists with the Islamic Terrorists of Al Faran.

When Pakistan started sponsoring terrorism in Kashmir back in 1989, the prime target of “Mujhaideen” (Islamic Warriors) were the Hindus (Pandits) who were Kaffirs and Moderate Muslims who were considered “Munafiqun” or hypocrites by radical Muslims. The punishment for these two were abduction, rape, torture and death.

Thousands of Kashmiri Hindus and Moderate Muslims were put to death, the women faced not just death but gang-rapes too by the “Mujhaideen.”


Mrs Fareeda was abducted from here house by the terrorists in 1993, and her lifeless body were found later with her hands tied to the back.
Dolly Mohi-ud-Din, was kidnapped on May 5, 1990, and was gang-raped by JKLF terrorists for two days, before they killed her.
Miss Sarla Bhatt, a Stuff Nurse in Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, Srinagar was kidnapped from the Hostel of the Institute on April 14, 1990, by a group of JKLF militants. She was raped for several days before she was killed by JKLF terrorists.
Terrorists abducted Shamima from her home on 16.6.93. She was a TV Artist and this was enough for Mujhaideen to kill her.

Islamic Militants intruded in to the house of Sohan lal Braroo and killed him and then went on Gang-raping his minor daughter and wife.
The daughter Archana, died during the rape and the wife were shot and killed after the rape.

Kashmir is known for its beauty and Kashmiris are known for their hospitality. But in 1995 a Kashmiri terrorist organisation called “AL-FARAN” a branch of “Harkat ul Ansar” kidnapped six western tourists from Pehalgam, Anantnag. These tourists had come to Kashmir for hiking, the six victims included two British tourists, Keith Mangan and Paul Wells; two Americans, John Childs and Donald Hutchings; a German, Dirk Hasert; and a Norwegian, Hans Christian Ostrø. The wives of Mangan’s and Hutchings’ weren’t kidnapped because they already had their husbands.

One of the American, John Childs managed to escape and were rescued by Indian Security Forces four days later.

A Note which was released by the terrorists after the kidnapping reads,

“Accept our demands or face dire consequences. We are fighting against anti-Islamic forces. Western countries are anti-Islam, and America is the biggest enemy of Islam.” 

On August 13, 1995, the beheaded body of Christian Ostrø was found near Pahalgam with the word “AL-FARAN” carved into his chest. The reason for this beheading was to secure the release of Maulana Masood Azhar a dreaded Islamic terrorist who was responsible for the numerous attacks against India and Western countries. In 1999, an Indian Airplane was hijacked by “Harkat ul Mujhaideen” and Maulana Masood azhar was finally released along with Omar Saeed Sheikh. Omar Saeed kidnapped a Wall street Journal reporter named Daniel Pearl in the year 2002 and beheaded him.

The decapitated head of Christian Ostrø.

The Government of India, UK, US and Norwegian tried everything to secure the release of the remaining hostages but in December 1995, the kidnappers left a note that they were no longer holding the men hostage. Mangan, Wells, Hutchings, and Hasert were never been found. In 1996 a militant was caught by the Indian Security forces and was jointly interrogated by Indian investigators and American FBI. He told them that all these tourists were killed on 13th December 1995.

The Scars of this incident weren’t healed when the “Mujhaideen” again struck three years later. In April 1998, Hizbul Mujhaideen terrorists lined up 26 Hindus in the village of Prankote and Dakikote, Udhampur and gave them a choice, to embrace Islam and prove their devotion to Islam by eating Beef or Die. The Hindu villagers were unarmed but didn’t budge from their Dharma. So the terrorists “Beheaded” all the Hindus including women and children.

Now after 20 years of this brutal and horrific incident, it seems terrorists have revived the beheading trend in Kashmir. Three days ago, a young Kashmiri boy named, Manzoor Ahmed Bhat were kidnapped by Lashkar and Hizbul terrorists in the Hajin area of Bandipora. His decapitated body was found yesterday by Police. He was killed because he was a patriot who believed in the idea of India and was a Moderate Muslim.

Manzoor Ahmed Bhat, whose decapitated bosy were found yesterday in Bandipora.

ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) have made a name of theirs by making Beheading mainstream, and while their deeds sent’s down a chill in the spine of Indians in the rest of India, little did they know that their own countrymen and those who came here as guests had to go through the same ordeal decades ago.




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